I did, once, in December, on Medium, when the publisher of one of my books had a discount sale. The article got read a lot but I don't know if it translated into book sales.

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Thanks for the shout! I appreciate it! I also found out, I won’t get verified since I don’t use ISBN numbers. But that’s okay. Medium will catch up.

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I am a traditional and self-published author, and have applied for registration. I hope this will help expand my book sales, which have been underwhelming so far.

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Hi, Kristina,

Thank you for providing the valuable information about Medium’s Book Author Badge.

I tried submitting the ISBN # and cover photo for my published book to Medium, but the button doesn’t work. Is there another place for me to upload the information?

BTW, I really enjoy your work, including the YouTube videos.

Thank you very much!


~ Gina ~

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I went through the process of verifying my book over two weeks ago and I still have no badge. I shared my ISBN number and figured I'd have a badge by now. 😟

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